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50° Parallel Riesling

"Degrees above perfection..."

50° Riesling is produced at the renowned German Estate Schloss Johannisberg (www.mumm.de) established in 1716 and a German national treasure.  Adjacent to the Schloss Johannisberg Estate is another less known but beautiful property and a name you will know, G.H. Von Mumm.  The same family that founded the German Wine Estate later founded the Champagne house in Reims France. The wine is produced from Riesling grapes grown on the G.H. Von Mumm Estate vineyards. Finished dry at 8 grams residual sugar 50° Riesling is an outstanding example of the new wave Riesling’s from Germany, dry and crisp with beautiful mineral notes and in harmony with the characteristics of a Riesling from the Rheingau.

Appellation:             50° Parallel North
                             Rheingau / Germany

Grape:                    100 % Riesling

Taste profile:           Intensely fragrant, reminiscent of ripe peaches, green 
                             apples and a hint of ripe citrus fruits. Crisp and tangy, 50° Riesling is                               lively, yet elegant, with a harmoniously dry finish.

Pairings:                  Crustaceans, poached fish, fresh salads, and poultry

Serving:                  Serve chilled at arround 10° C / 50° F

Menger Krug

"Traditionally first class...."

This Deidesheim-based sparkling wine maker is famous for offering connoisseurs a distinctive sparkling wine of supreme quality. Only wines from the Deidesheim estate are used in the production of sparkling wines using the traditional bottle fermentation process.


Menger-Krug Riesling Brut
Menger-Krug Riesling Brut is an extraordinarily unique combination of elegance and class with surprisingly refreshing acidity, a ripe fruit taste and earthy aromas.

Menger-Krug Rosé Brut
Menger-Krug Rosé Brut has a powerful aroma with plenty of fruit and, with a sensually fresh character, is a great pleasure to drink

Menger-Krug Pinot Brut
Pinot Brut: The character-full classic from the Menger-Krug range.